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nuad – thai massage 

NUAD is sustainable and integral.
It is relaxation, enjoyment,
and being touched.

NUAD – Do nothing and find out how
good and healthy that feels!

You can enjoy and relax by actually doing nothing. Nuad brings body and mind into a healthy and healing space.

Just let go! I will move you.

The (Sanskrit/Pali) word „Nuad“ means “touching with the intention of imparting healing”. This millenium old far-Eastern method of healing is a unique body therapy and also known as THAI MASSAGE. It combines different forms of massage with stretching, accupressure, movement, breathing techniques and meditation.

NUAD helps to relieve

– neck and shoulder problems
– headaches, sleep disturbances
– digestive problems
– muscular tension and leads to improved body symmetry
– back pain
– symptoms of stress and overload
– stimulates blood circulation and the metabolism
– increases mobility generally and particularly in cases when physical therapy is required after accidents and surgery
– improves body perception
– relaxes body and mind

Get active – begin your journey now and set up an appointment!

andrea(at)nuya.at or through text message  0043 699 11 77 49 33

Please note: bring comfortable clothes! Both Yoga and Nuad take place on a mat on the floor with clothes on.
Neither Yoga nor NUAD can replace comprehensive medical treatment or medication – but they can enhance and support it.