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One to one class

Your journey is the reward

There are enough shamans and people who promise healing.

I do not claim to heal but I do assist and motivate and accompany you on your very own path to better health.

At a first personal meeting, which includes a body and posture assessment, we discuss how your path will look.

We will plan an approach that is fun and attainable. Whether it is relaxation with Nuad/Thai massage or an active workout schedule.
The workout can, but need not include Yoga. It wlll be what you like and what you really enjoy.
In a one to one class YOU are the focus of attention and intention. Your wishes and ideas define your aim, I will help to plan the path.

Consultation and training can take place at your home or we can find a neutral place at a yoga studio or my place.

Get active – begin your journey now and set up an appointment!